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At Q & R we like to have fun with our customers. By creating a relaxed, stress free, family friendly work environment. With 15 years of work experience we understand how important a positive work environment is.
Our team consists of two friends sharing the same first name. Who have always worked together, and so making the smart decision to create a business partnership Q&R Construction Company was born. The Q standing for Ryan Quigley and the R standing for Ryan Romeo. Together the Ryan’s have created a great working bond and partnership. We’d like to thank all of our clients for their wonderful testimonials and continued support.
Looking at our logo you will see a surfboard crossing a framing hammer. This stands for our roots in the framing industry and our love for the ocean. Growing up in Southern California surfing is naturally a very big part of our lives. So we have incorporated our passions into our business. Below you will find each of the Ryan’s work experience and bio.

About Us

Ryan Quigley’s Story

Ryan started working at a very young age. His father, Well-known Framing contractor Robert Quigley started taking him to work as young as age 8.
Once Ryan was a teenager he spent every summer working full-time 40 hour work weeks. When the 8hr workday was over, Ryan would be out surfing till dark. By the time Ryan had reached the age of 18. He was already a skilled journeyman level framer.  Ryan continued in the framing industry until he was introduced to finish carpentry at the age of 20.
Landing a job in the mill workers union for a big commercial construction company. This was only the introduction to Ryan’s finish carpentry skills. Learning to set doors and cabinets as an apprentice. Shortly after landing this job, Ryan had a change of heart. which directed him back into the residential construction industry. 
Weeks after making this bold decision to leave the union life behind. Ryan landed a 1.5 year-long project. Working alongside a general contractor. Building the entire house from the foundation to the roof, turn key. This job turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Granting Ryan the knowledge and experience on how to build from the ground up.
Soon after completing this home build. Ryan landed another job fabricating and building custom staircases. This was a very beneficial learning experience for Ryan’s finish carpentry skill set. Learning to produce stain grade work. This job lasted about a year. Then Ryan once again moved on. Painting a few houses with a licensed painting contractor. Learning the proper procedures on how to prep the house before renovation.
Once these houses were completed Ryan went onto his next chapter, working for an all custom finish carpentry company. Now, this is where Ryan truly excelled in his carpentry skills. learning to set big custom doors, install lots of crown molding, continue to set cabinets, and produce outstanding wainscoting. Ryan worked for this company for over a year treating the job as a college education in woodworking.

Then Ryan made another change in direction, going back into the framing industry. Taking up the foreman position of a 5 man framing crew. Building big custom homes in the Newport Beach California area. This is where Ryan truly perfected his skills in reading blueprints, estimating, bidding, and building per plan.

This was also around the time when Ryan started doing his own side jobs. working directly with the homeowner. After working 8 hour days running a crew. Ryan would head to his own jobs and work into the night. Soon after trying to make all of this happen. Ryan made a smart decision to obtain his General Contractors license. Leaving behind his cushion of being an employee to solely focus on his own work.
Ryan studied and applied for a test date for over a year! The CSLB did not want to approve Ryan. Saying that he’s too young and can’t possibly have enough work experience. After reaching many levels of frustration. Ryan thought outside of the box by getting 17 different licensed contractors that he had worked alongside to complete referral forms for him. Shortly after submitting these forms, Ryan was approved. After taking the test Ryan was granted a General Contractors license in August 2014 at the young age of 25. 
Since Ryan has been licensed he has completed countless projects. Including a 5,000 square foot home build, start to finish, turn key. Not to mention the many additions, remodels, kitchens, bathrooms, doors, fences, gates, playhouses, decks, tiny houses, and custom carpentry projects. His skill set as a carpenter/builder has become advanced. Giving him the upper hand in all projects Q&R takes on!
All in all, Ryan may have a young youthful appearance. But just remember he has over 15 years of work experience and the true heart of a craftsman builder. It runs in the family. His father and uncle are both licensed General Contractors.  
So when you hear Q&R’s slogan, “Built On Gratitude”. This is Ryan’s appreciation for all of his hard work he’s put in to get to where he is today!

Ryan Romeo’s Story

 Ryan is a second-generation, born, and raised Surf City, Huntington Beach resident. He met his wife at 16 years old and they’ve been together ever since. They married, started a family, and have two beautiful boys.

He started working construction in concrete framing and went to the AGC program right out of high school receiving his Journeyman certificate and graduating in 2006. Ryan worked in concrete for twelve Years for various small and large commercial companies. He’s worked on a multitude of projects including some as large as UCI Medical Center buildings. 

Ryan’s father is a contractor as well, the craft definitely runs in the family. When the concrete industry got a little slow, Ryan’s father introduced him to Robert Quigley, a master Framer/carpenter in Orange County. During Ryan’s time there he framed many custom homes on the Orange County coast from the ground up. During that time he met Ryan Quigley, Rob’s son. As Time went on the Ryans started to work together more and had a great working relationship, the rest is history.

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